Babies, Booze & Boobs

Influencing a man's perspective for centuries


A thirty-something year-old husband, father and all-around underachiever providing honesty, humor and insight about raising kids while trying not to lose his identity. And not fucking it up.

Cast of Characters

Bruce Brazil – Patriarch & Boozer

Protagonist of the blog. Self-proclaimed terrific father and adequate husband. Introvert. Works in a dead-end job which he loathes. Loves God, his family, baseball, booze and boobs.

The Boobs – Matriarch & Mammaries

Often sleep-deprived registered nurse. A bigger introvert than her husband. Lives for her family and little else. She might be the 21st century’s Mother Teresa – except with a cuter butt.

The Boy – The 3-year-old first born.

He made it fun and easy enough that we wanted kids. He scammed us. He’s absolutely obsessed with Toy Story and Cars. He loves Moo (stuffed black-and white cow he won at the fair) and Jessie from Toy Story. He’ll either be paying his way through college on a baseball scholarship or in rehab for a heroin addiction by age 14 as a result of his dad’s “encouragement”.

The Babies – Baby Boy & Baby Girl.

Twin boy and girl. No, twins don’t run in our family. Think about it.

Born 3/1/11

Baby Boy – 6 lbs, 9 oz, 19 inches long

Baby Girl – 6 lbs, 15 oz, 19.5 inches long


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