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Bruce Brazil Bobble Head

I’m the best man in my buddy’s wedding, and last night at the rehearsal dinner, the groom-t0-be awarded the groomsmen with customized bobble heads. Here’s mine. While I don’t think they nailed they details with me, it is a very awesome gift.

Webobble craft each bobble head based on photos you provide them. They provide proofs throughout the process in an effort to provide the best product. I will say that they absolutely nailed the features of the other groomsmen and it was a hit at the rehearsal dinner last night.

Muchas gracias to the groom.

And yes, it does look like my bobble head is waiting for you to slap him some skin. Or a wad of cash.

Word around the campfire is the Bruce Brazil bobble head is a huge hit to hot Japanese women with slight freckles and big  racks. They have good taste.


One response to “Bruce Brazil Bobble Head

  1. Munky 03/25/2011 at 4:30 pm

    You look like you are in movie Men In Black!

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