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A Night at the Hospital

The Boobs managed three hours of broken sleep the first night at the hospital while I curled up alone in our California king-sized bed and rested up. So I spent the second night in her room to help out. I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep and shuttling The Boy around from hospital to family and back at our house, where we spent the third night.

So forgive me for the sporadic posting. I should reach a more consistent schedule after we bring those suckers home and get acclimated.

Baby Boy taught me a valuable lesson when I changed his first diaper. Remember to cover him up. If he hadn’t been pointing to the right, I think he would’ve pissed right in my mouth. Thankfully, he only lasered the left arm and the ten-foot tall divider curtain in the hospital room.

Pro tip – don’t touch the divider curtains at hospitals.


One response to “A Night at the Hospital

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